This PSA for Autism Shows We Need More Than Just Awareness — We Need Acceptance!

Over the past few years, our world has become more aware of autism spectrum disorders. That is, when someone says the word “autism,” others have at least a general idea of what they’re talking about.

This is great, but as many autism advocates say, it’s not quite enough.

Autism awareness is only a first step; awareness alone won’t stop our children from being bullied. It won’t increase inclusion. It won’t stop the cold stares in the supermarket.

No, what we really need as a society is autism acceptance.

The following PSA for autism seeks to promote autism acceptance, not just awareness. The movement behind this PSA envisions a world where those on the spectrum and their families are accepted by their peers and treated equally. They are seeking to spread the message that “Our children have autism, but autism doesn’t have them.”

Take a look!

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