Everyone with ASD Is Different. But These 21 Experiences Are Familiar to Many Autism Families

When we talk about autism, we often speak seriously. And it’s no wonder why: autism is a serious disorder that is associated with many strengths but also many challenges. Let’s face it, though: people with and without autism are funny, and we can all get a real riot out of all the universal things we tend to think, say, and do. And everyone with autism may be different, but because it is characterized by differing degrees of social struggles, communication difficulties, and repetitive behaviors, there are plenty of familiar experiences out there that unite people touched by autism and make them say: “That’s so true!”

So to lighten up things a little bit and laugh about our lives, we asked you to finish this sentence: “You might be an autism parent if…” We got so many funny and heartwarming responses, we couldn’t resist sharing these 21 of them with you (number 19 is, without a doubt, my favorite. I’m not ashamed to say I laughed out loud!).

Mother with kids on kitchen

(Note: Posts have been edited for grammar.)

1. It’s an enigma…

Your son has shirts of all his favorite TV characters but spends most of his time in only underwear… –David W.

2. Don’t you open that door!

You have to stand and wait for a door to close just so your child can open it themselves! –Becky M.

3. The noise conundrum

Your child is terrified of noise but is one of the loudest people you’ve ever met! Love him though! –Corrina B. B.

Kid Screams with his Hands on his Eras

4. Never forget the iPad!

Forgetting the iPad is considered an “emergency!” –Miranda W.

5. They’re the experts!

Your son’s teacher tells you he corrected her in front of the whole class when she got some facts about the Titanic incorrect! –Michaela L.

6. Picky eating

Your child loves to eat French fries but won’t eat mashed potatoes even though you explain and show him that it’s French fries, just mashed… –Rebecca F. L.

Mum feeding picky eater

7. A unique memory

Your child can recite every commercial and knows the timeline of the ancient pharaohs but they can’t remember to put pants on in the morning. Lol my life! –Candice S.

8. The issue of time

Your child has absolutely no concept of time whatsoever. Freaks out if late for something but moves as slow as molasses. –Robin S. L.

9. “I swear, officer! I’m just trying to give my child a bath!”

Gently shampooing your toddler’s hair causes the police to think that a murder is going on in your bathroom! –Bonnie S.

Boy taking a bath and crying. Little boy upset in a bathtub, mot

10. This reminds me of Owen Suskind!

You have an entire conversation that consists of nothing but lines from his favorite movies. –Jeannie P.

11. But why would he when he can make his own?

Your son can construct the Eiffel Tower out of Legos but never wants to leave the house to see it in person. –Angela C. B.

12. Methinks this is called selective hearing!

You’re standing less than three feet away, calling their name, and they ignore you, but when Mickey Mouse comes on the TV upstairs, they race off to watch it. –Belinda S.

Little boy watching cinema on TV

13. Next up on “things you never thought you’d hear yourself say…”

You say things like “Stop licking the porch” or “Quit drinking the pool water.” –Patricia L. B.

14. Communication can be difficult

Your daughter can tell you in detail the mummification process but can’t tell you why she walked outside. –Melissa L.

15. The “little things” are never little…

Your heart swells with pride because your child has plucked up the courage to say “hi” to a friend you unexpectedly meet when you are out. –Theresa T.

father play son side of the beach

16. Seriously, though. How do they do it?!

Your five-year-old son spins in the same spot for 20 minutes and doesn’t get dizzy. –Cynthia P.

17. Echolalia

Your child doesn’t comprehend mockery but is a Master Mocker of all sounds, including car wheels, animals, and electronics. –Janelle A.

18. Ketchup. Enough said.

The main item on your shopping list is ketchup. –Anne C.

Alimentation Enfant

19. Very clever…

Your child draws squares on his schoolwork papers and writes, “Put the A here” for his teacher. –Kathleen G. M.

20. Got to love this!

You get overly excited for a random hug, kiss, or sign of affection. –Jes L.

21. So rewarding…

The love you felt when they placed him/her in your arms for the very first time and it is still there 30 years later when they do something on their own and are so proud of it! –Anna T. N.

Mother and son sitting on couch and holding hands

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