Autism Now: The Demand For Educational Autism Resources

Children with autism don’t deserve any less than the average child, so it’s not a surprise that the Federal Law mandates that all children with disabilities are entitled to free appropriate education. In Robert MacNeil’s Autism Now series, he gets a peek into the New York Public School system where there are more than 7,000 students who have autism and 700 of them ranging from preschool to the age of 21 attend a public school in the Bronx called P.S. 176.

P.S. 176 Principal Rima Ritholtz, has been leading the school for the past 16 years and describes the importance of how the school treats children as children first before their autism. She believes these kids deserve quality of programming and professionalism and hope to return them back to general education. Watch as MacNeil discovers the demand for special education and treatment for children with autism, unfortunately becoming outpaced with what is available.

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