These People with Autism Leave No Myth Unbusted

For too long, it has been assumed that autism is a tragedy, a disorder that leaves just a “shell” of a person. For too long, neurotypicals have judged and dismissed people with ASD, assuming everyone on the spectrum has the same insurmountable challenges, the same personalities, the same inabilities to communicate “properly” with the rest of the world.

For too long, we haven’t taken enough interest in the autism community to truly understand its intricacies.

Now’s the time for change.

Here, five members of the autism community come forward to tell you that they can do anything and everything neurotypicals can do; they just do it a little differently.

Spread Autism Awareness, and stop the spread of myths! Check out the video below to make sure you know about these nasty myths, and then share the video with your friends to share the knowledge!

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