Need a New Flick to Watch? This One About a Boy With Autism Looks AMAZING!

Writing about people who are differently abled can be difficult—simply because it’s tricky to get inside the head of someone with a different perspective on life than you. That being said, some films incorrectly portray people with disorders like autism. A Brilliant Young Mind is not one of them. The British indie film, according to critic Joe Meyers, is an “unusually sensitive” drama about a talented teen mathematician with autism. Based on a documentary the director had created previously, the main character, Nathan gets a chance to compete in the International Mathematics Olympiad. But words can’t do the trailer justice. Take a look at it, and let me know if you want to see it as desperately as I do!

Sensory overload is a reality of living with autism. For kids on the spectrum, many experiences neurotypical children enjoy are off limits to them, but it doesn’t have to be this way! Movie theaters around the country are gradually offering sensory-friendly viewing experiences that feature dimmed lights, reduced audio levels, and a relaxed atmosphere where clapping, talking, and playing are all encouraged. Sadly, not every chain takes part in this new effort. Theater chain AMC started the sensory-friendly shows trend, and the largest chain in the nation, Regent, has also jumped on the bandwagon but is still lagging behind on implementing these showings.

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