15 Moms Tell Us What They Love About Mothering a Child on the Spectrum

Motherhood is a special gift. It not only touches the children mom nurtures and loves, but it also blesses her in incredible ways—with love so big it’s impossible to explain; with joy, smiles, and laughter; with lessons to be learned. And that’s the case no matter who the child is, whether they have autism or are neurotypical.

This Mother’s Day, we asked YOU what you love about being an autism mom. Your answers blew us away and made our hearts swell with joy. They were filled with so much love, so much pride, so much strength, and so much humility. So how can we NOT share what you said?

So here they are—some of our favorite responses (some of which have been edited for grammar and length. See the full responses here). I’ve got to say, number 11 is probably my favorite!

Mom relaxing with her little son

1. What Real Love Is

“My son has taught me to not assume anything. He has taught me every hiding spot available anywhere. He has taught me patience every day. He has taught me that some days, there is nothing more precious than a smile. That we both deserve to have our questions answered. That no one knows my child better than me. That standing up for him and myself is always the right thing to do. He has taught me to overcome my own fears. That all children are different, so what is normal anyway? Mostly, he has taught me what real love is.” —Eva G.

2. I’d say this applies to parents of all kids!

“I’ve learned how much patience I really have. Abundance.” —Diane R. Q.

3. Her son has come a long way

“I love plus am amazed at all the milestones my six-year-old son has made, especially going from a nonverbal child to becoming a little chatterbox. I know this journey is far from over, but my son has shown me not to ever doubt him or any other child with autism. #ProudAutismMom” —Tiffany G.

4. Wow, this teen sounds like a total sweetheart!

“I love the unconditional love that my son gives me and gets back in return even though he’s nearly 13. He tells me he loves me several times a day with a bear hug. How many mums can say that about their teenager?” —Theresa K.

Son kissing mom on cheek

5. A beautiful and succinct statement

“My son has taught me that looking at the world and daily life in a literal way is really a simple and honest way to live.” —Lisa M.

6. Some of the most important life lessons

“My daughter has taught me strength, patience, unconditional love, and to face the world daily. Remaining humble in this world is a must….” —Tiajuana S.

7. This one made me melt

“[My daughter] has shown me what pure joy looks like. Her face lights up the minute she sees me and she runs to me with such love, joy, and trust in her eyes. There is no better feeling than that!” —Kathleen G.C.

Mother with daughter

8. Can I get an “Amen” over here?

“I’ve become a Mama Bear with a body count. Try to sell me some BS reason why my son can’t do something, or something is out of reach because of his autism, and I will take you down.” —Linda G.

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