Speech Pathologist Writes Stories To Help Children With Autism Understand Coronavirus

It can be challenging to teach children about the changing world, especially now that we are in the middle of the pandemic. That is where this speech/language pathologist comes in. They are doing their part to teach children with autism about the uncertainty they may be experiencing.

Tara Tuchel has been working with children who have autism for the speech Pathologist Creates Guides To Help Children With Autism Understand Coronavirusst two decades. She created the resource known as Autism Little Learners to help families and educators. She was asked by a friend to write a story for her daughter when the pandemic started. She was looking for a way to explain what was taking place and it took off from there. The best news is, you only have to print them out and share them. If you want, licenses can be purchased for sharing with parents and teachers.

“As the Coronavirus pandemic started, I had a friend who asked if I could write a social story for her daughter, who was having a hard time suddenly having to stay home,” Tuchel tells Scary Mommy. “She missed going to her favorite stores and restaurants. So, I wrote her a story about Coronavirus and staying home.”

Tuchel was happy that her friend’s daughter was helped so she wanted to make the story available freely on social media. As she created, the demand grew so she made some other stories of what was taking place worldwide. “I wrote stories about COVID and staying 6 feet apart. Then, about distance learning and how-to video chat,” she said.

“Then, it moved to seeing people wearing masks followed by wearing a mask. Then, a story about not going back to school.”

“The new topics just kept coming and I was getting requests for stories on these new topics,” Tuchel shares. “So, I relied a lot on what parents and teachers were asking for. The stories spread around the globe and started being translated into many, many different languages. This really made me realize that the entire world was in this together and facing the same challenges.”

Tuchel has a website that includes awareness tools, such as flashcards and stories. It is designed to help with a variety of life’s necessities, such as toilet training, school safety, and fire drills. A tab has been dedicated to COVID-19 resources to make it easy to download and share.

Requests also came in to create a story about speech/language pathologists who are doing speech therapy with masks on. Special pictures were created for those pathologists. “I’ve also added stories for OT’s, PT’s, Psychologists and Therapists in general,” she said on her website.

It sounds like she is making a real difference in the world!

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