Wow! This Beautiful Song Really Sums Up the Autism Experience!

The words in this music video could not be more relevant when it comes to dealing with autism. The song is called “Autism and Love,” and it is both written and performed by Milkshake.

The lyrics in the song repeat the phrase, “I love you, I don’t know much, but that much is true,” which is inspiring for any autism parent, whether you are just facing the news of an autism diagnosis or have an adult child on the spectrum.

Life with autism is a complex one. Some days are so rough that it’s all you can do not to cry. Other days, you wouldn’t have your life any other way.

Regardless of where your child falls on the spectrum, your journey will certainly have its obstacles and rough patches, but it will also be filled with determination and love by all involved. As the video says, “Where there is autism, there is love.”

Watch as this video shows just how closely love and autism are tied together!

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