Carly Is an Average Teen, But for Years, Nonverbal Autism Kept Her from Showing It

In North America, autism affects 1 in 68 children and probably more, depending on which study you read. It is a condition that still leaves us and researchers wondering why it really happens and what is really going on in the minds of our kids. And it doesn’t help, of course, that there’s such a wide range of symptoms, behaviors, and comorbid disorders that go with it and make every case so very different.

For Carly, life for a long time was particularly difficult because of her inability to communicate with those around her. She’s been living as a non-verbal girl on the spectrum all her life. Her parents knew she was intelligent, but they couldn’t communicate with her and often talked about her as if she could not hear. They had no idea how smart and capable she really was.

Photo: YouTube/Carly Fleischmann

However, thanks to Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy and her newfound ability to communicate through her keyboard, Carly gives us an inside peek into what it’s like living with autism—at least her particular autism.

Photo: YouTube/Carly Fleischmann

She may be trapped in a body that doesn’t like to do what she wants it to do and isn’t capable of speaking, but Carly can communicate in other ways and is on the path to helping other people with autism get their voices heard and their points of view understood.

Watch as Carly proves that autism does not define her and who she really is. Witness as she shows us how she’s just like any ordinary teenage girl. From boys to dates to going to the mall, Carly teaches us that autism has no limits!

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Do you think you’d still feel like a “normal” person if you couldn’t talk and couldn’t control your self-stimulating behaviors? We believe every person is unique and that our situations often affect our personalities, but even something like this can’t keep you from really being you!

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