This Fantastic Explanation of What Autism Is Comes Straight from a Young Woman on the Spectrum

Maybe your child was just diagnosed with autism. Maybe you were just diagnosed with autism. Maybe you want to know more about the disorder even though no one in your life has it. Maybe you’ve been hanging out here on The Autism Site Blog for a while now and always wondered what exactly autism was, but were too scared to ask (no shame, friend!). Maybe you actually know a lot about autism but are always curious about how other people define it. Whatever your situation, you may be asking that huge, intricate, and complicated question: What is autism?

And we’ve got the answer. Or at least an answer. A pretty good one, if we do say so ourselves.

Photo: YouTube/Amythest Schaber

Amythest Schaber is an autism advocate who runs the YouTube series, “Ask an Autistic.” (By the way: if you’re wondering why she prefers identity-first language [i.e. “autistic”] as opposed to person-first language [i.e. “has autism”], feel free to check out her explanation here.)

Photo: YouTube/Amythest Schaber

In this video, Amythest answers that big question about autism: What is it? Where does it come from? What is it characterized by? Is it caused by vaccines? Is it curable? And what can we do to help?

Whether you’re just learning about autism or are an autism expert, I think you’ll agree with me that her explanation is fantastic. I seriously wish I’d been directed to this video when I was first learning about autism.

Check out the video below to learn Amythest’s very carefully constructed definition of autism and her explanation of how it manifests itself in her and in others. You might learn something new about yourself or someone you know!

Want to hear more from Amythest? Check out her video explaining the difference between meltdowns and shutdowns! You might be surprised to learn what a huge difference there is between these seemingly synonymous words!

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