This Toy Is Incredible – And Perfect for Children on the Spectrum!

There are many toys on the market meant to teach kids the skills they will need in life, but don’t you ever wish there were more toys that could teach social skills and acceptable behavior to children with autism? Well now there’s a toy that child behavior specialists and autism specialists worked together to create especially for children with autism, and we think it’s perfect for the job!

Auti is a scientifically designed toy that encourages positive social behavior with children who have autism. Reacting to positive behavior, such as gentle voices and kind treatment, Auti teaches kids that light touches work well, but it will also shut down when hit or treated roughly.

The best part about this toy is that kids who don’t have autism are sure to get some enjoyment out of seeing how Auti responds to their various touches as well, so it can also act as a sort of bridge between children who have ASD and the children they struggle to make friends with.

What a great invention, as “it is through play that we practice life!”

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