What the World Looks Like to Neurotypicals, Versus One Person with Autism

As an adult on the autism spectrum, Craig Thomson understands the ways his experiences differ from those of his neurotypical friends. On his YouTube channel, Craig creates videos that offer tips and tricks for those learning to deal with autism in a neurotypical world, as well as insight into what it’s like to experience life in his shoes.

We can’t help but appreciate this young man’s dedication to bridging the gap between the neurotypical world and the autistic world. His explanations may not represent everyone on (and off) the spectrum, but he definitely helps the rest of us grow in understanding and compassion for what those around us may be thinking and feeling.

Photo: YouTube/Craig Thomson

In this simulation video, Craig captures the sensory overload he feels when he walks down a busy city street. With his camera, he demonstrates how various small objects catch his eye along the way, and how the light and sounds are amplified to his senses, making it difficult not to get overwhelmed.

Photo: YouTube/Craig Thomson

Be aware that this video is not meant to represent the experience of all, or even most, people on the autism spectrum. As Thomson notes, “It’s impossible to get it perfectly correct but I’ve tried to recreate the experience as closely as possible…It does vary from person to person with autism but this is a simulation of how I personally experience the world.”

Check out this video to get an idea of what some people on the autism spectrum experience on a daily basis.

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