At Five, Iris Grace Paints Better Than My College Art Professor!

At age two, Iris Grace was nonverbal, unable to manage eye-contact, and she wasn’t able to successfully interact with other children — Iris was diagnosed with autism.

However, three years later, her parents have discovered something incredible: Iris has the artistic talent of someone well beyond her years. As a painter, Iris is a creative prodigy.

Many artists don’t get recognition until well after their death — however, Iris has ended up working backwards. Her beautiful works of art are being recognized around the planet, arguably because of her young age.

Have a look at the video to see Iris Grace’s work for yourself.

Want to learn more about Iris?

Check out this article about her precious friendship with her cat, Thula, who has become her therapy pet. The two are inseparable, and Thula seems to intuitively predict Iris’s bouts of anxiety.

Too sweet!

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