An Interview With Elaine Hall, Subject of HBO’s “Autism: The Musical”

When autism therapy was proving ineffective for her son, Neal, acting coach Elaine Hall felt lost and depressed. But her innovative mind and heartfelt determination led her to create her own form of therapy, one that has now changed the lives of thousands of children and inspired an Emmy Award-winning documentary.

Determined to find a way to communicate with Neal and ease his anxieties, Elaine turned to physically-focused acting exercises to connect with him in ways he understood. Thanks to her unconventional techniques, Neal slowly began to emerge from his shell and connect with the neuro-typical world.

Encouraged by her son’s success, Elaine founded The Miracle Project, a therapeutic performing arts program that teaches special needs children about communication, socialization and sensory processing. The award-winning documentary, Autism: The Musical, explores the program’s long-lasting impacts.

In this inspiring interview, Elaine openly discusses her unique relationship with autism and her commitment to helping the world see those with the disorder in a more compassionate way. It’s a heartwarming must-see that you’ll definitely want to share with your friends!

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