This Woman With ASD Asks Her Husband Questions About Their Marriage, And It’s Awesome

Amethyst and her husband play “husband tag” in this video — and it’s super-cute!

Husband tag is a list of questions that her husband has to answer about their relationship. It’s equal parts sweet, adorably awkward (talking about your spouse can make anyone self-conscious!) and amusing. They laugh a lot and it’s clear they’re totally enamored with each other. Marvin is 38 and Amethyst is 23. Their age gap may have raised a few eyebrows at first, but neither of them care!

Amethyst has Asperger’s, and when asked about Marvin, Amethyst wrote, “Yes? Probably? At the very least he’s an “autistic cousin”, as we call our neuro-weird friends.”

Watch the adorableness unfold in the video below! (And check out Amethyst’s post about SPD here.)

Finding love on the spectrum is totally possible! <3

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