Doctor Writes Children’s Book To Help Educate Others About Autism

Nearly 8,500 school-aged children in Nevada alone have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

Dr. Rooman Ahad, a pediatric neurologist who works with autistic children every day, wanted to create literary space for kids on the spectrum to help them educate others so they could understand them better.

Photo: YouTube/8 News Now Las Vegas

That’s when she wrote a book called “Amazing Abe Has Autism.”

The book shows the reader what everyday life is like for Abe, a young boy with autism, and his family. The reader will learn what makes Abe just like other children and what makes him different.

Photo: YouTube/8 News Now Las Vegas

Amazing Abe Has Autism is now available online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Dr. Ahad, who also works with the Grant a Gift Autism Foundation and UNLV’s School of Medicine, wants people to remember that there are many different resources out there for families to utilize.

Photo: YouTube/8 News Now Las Vegas

“I often say parents are the biggest advocates for their children. If you feel that something is not right or you feel that your child is not progressing or developing, don’t feel afraid to bring attention to it at your pediatrician’s office,” Dr. Ahad told 8 News Now. “Advocate for yourself, advocate for your child. Early intervention and services are available through the state.”

Learn more about Dr. Ahad and her new book in the video below:

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