A Neurologist Explains Why Being Diagnosed with Autism Can Actually Beneficial

The great thing about autism is, although it is classified as a “disorder” under the DSM-5, being diagnosed with autism is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, in some instances, having autism can in fact improve quality of life for the diagnosed individual.

Oftentimes a person diagnosed with autism will have trouble understanding social interactions, but will excel at logic and technology. It may frustrate parents, teachers, and caretakers when the child or adolescent doesn’t respond well to classical education — however, the key to teaching a child how to operate in the “real” world is to educate based on that child’s strengths and needs, rather than to teach by the “system.”

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Each person on this planet is unique. Each individual has strengths and weaknesses. The trick is learning how to apply your strengths so that you can live a full and meaningful life.

Many adults with autism are unemployed. Conversely, many adults with ASD excel in technology and mathematics. However, if children aren’t given the tools to expand their knowledge on their subject of interest, they may feel there is no place for them in this world — which can lead to a lack of interest in learning about the world.

But Nature doesn’t make mistakes. Autism exists for a reason. There is a place for autism in this world. There is a place for everything. And renowned neurologist Oliver Sacks agrees.

Watch Dr. Sacks explain how, with alternative ways of being, each person on this planet can function and be happy.

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