How to Maintain a Healthy Marriage When You Have a Child with Autism

How do you maintain a healthy marriage when living with a child with autism? Luckily, there are some ways you can strengthen your spousal relationship even when you’re at your wits’ end with your child and never seem to have time to deal with anything else.

Whatever your struggles as a parent of a child with autism trying to maintain a good relationship with your spouse, autism mothers Alli and Polly have probably been in a similar situation. These women are not experts, but they certainly have a lot of experience in making their relationships and their households work, and they’ve got some fabulous advice to people who are feeling frustrated and hopeless with the current state of their marriages.

Photo: YouTube/AutismMediaChannel

Do you ever feel like all you and your spouse talk about is autism? Did you know something as simple as going to the movies could help give you something else to focus on for a bit, relieving some of the stress and making you feel like more than just struggling parents for an evening? It’s a simple solution but an oh-so-effective one!

Photo: YouTube/AutismMediaChannel

These and so many other relationship challenges can be assisted by simple changes in a household where one or more children has autism. What have you done to maintain a good relationship with your spouse while raising a child on the spectrum?

Watch this candid video where Alli and Polly share their insights on how marriages are affected by autism. They’ll outline some techniques to keep relationships strong!

You CAN have a good marriage while you’re raising a child with autism. watch the video below to find out how.

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