All is NOT Lost

My son used to speak Alien. Squeaks and clicks and mumbles were what he used to communicate. He was diagnosed with autism at the age of four. When he started school, we thought all was lost. He had to repeat kindergarten because his reading comprehension was low.

After dealing with a school that asked to isolate him completely from his peers, we moved him to a much bigger school with better resources. We have fought tooth and nail to make sure our son was treated the way every child deserves to be treated. With each passing year, we worry that the expectations might be too high, but he has proved us wrong every single time.

He started 2nd grade this year. My Superkid went from babbling and lining up toys to writing stories and introducing himself to new classmates and making them feel welcome WITHOUT BEING PROMPTED!!! He has learned to ask for help and is even making friends. So don’t believe people that make you think your child is not capable of progress. We certainly weren’t satisfied with that!

Amber Thompson
Anna, TX

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