Breaking News: Body of Missing Boy with Autism Found After Frantic Search

We at The Autism Site are sorry to say that tragedy has struck an autism family in Albany, Georgia. Their 11-year-old son, Bruce Lemon-Curry, wandered away from his home on Tuesday morning. The desperate search ended just after 7:00 this morning, when his body was found in a pond close to where he lived.

Though this same pond was thoroughly checked yesterday, they uncovered no sign of the child. Police found him today after re-checking the pond.

Unfortunately, stories like this are not uncommon. People with autism have a propensity to wander from safety, and they are disproportionately at risk of drowning, as they are often drawn to bodies of water.

This fact is sobering enough for the broader autism community, but that sadness is nothing compared to the pain and anguish affected families experience when it actually happens to them. Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out to Bruce’s family during this incredibly difficult time.

Learn more about this story in the video below., South Georgia News, Weather, Sports

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