Adults With Autism: Losing The Safety Net

Once graduation hits, it’s not uncommon for parents who have children with autism to worry about their children’s future as they become adults. As a child these children have plenty of services, support, and qualified professionals to work with them, but once they reach adulthood there is no guarantee of services and funding especially due to our current financial climate.

Even though federal law requires the states to provide children with autism services through the educational system, this only lasts till they reach the age of 22. But what’s suppose to happen in the next 50 or more years of their lives?

Watch as these two families, the Crookers and Wallens, speak about their worries for their children who have autism and nearing adulthood. Most people who are adults with autism end up living with their parents, as they are one of more than 120,000 people with disabilities who are on a waiting list for housing in the U.S. Both families worry about what will happen to their kids once they are gone.

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