Accomplished Scholar Describes Living With Asperger’s

In Canada over 15,000 individuals live with Asperger’s Syndrome. When diagnosed with Asperger’s, one may have difficulties with social interaction and live with restrictive and repetitive patterns of behaviors and interests. But imagine if you were living with Asperger’s and didn’t realize it until you were an adult. For Jay Serdula, an accomplished scholar and research assistant, he had no actual diagnosis until he was 26-years-old, and learned to live with his differences that came with Asperger’s.

Watch as he speaks with the women of Full Circle about living as an aspie. Jay admits while growing up he lived with his differences as best he could, and even after he was diagnosis, the knew knowledge did not affect him, since he learned how to live his life with the obstacles Asperger’s brought. Let’s raise awareness for autism to take away the stigma that may come with it!

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