ABC’s “What Would You Do?” Autism Segment Blew Me Away! I Never Expected These Reactions!

A popular hidden-camera show on ABC Primetime called “What Would You Do?” creates potentially polarizing situations to see how bystanders will react.

In the following clip, a family with a son on the spectrum is out having lunch. The son exhibits some common behaviors of someone on the spectrum, such as repeating words and wandering. Patrons begin to notice, but no one seems bothered. Then, an actor specifically hired by the show to serve as an instigator tells the parents that maybe they should take their son home because they’re not controlling him.

During this episode we get to see both the good and bad in people. Thankfully in this episode, it’s all good moments. The patrons in the restaurant take a stand for the parents and their son, and it’s truly incredible to watch. It sure does make us feel good knowing that there are good people in this world still!

This is a great video to watch if you need a pick-me-up or need to be reminded that there are truly good people in this world. We will warn you, however: at one point, ABC brings up Michael Savage’s infamous remarks on autism, which are downright jaw-dropping and disrespectful. If you want to avoid that, it starts at the 4:06 mark and ends at 4:45.

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