A Mother And Son Speak Up For Autism After People Blame It for Sandy Hook Shooting

Autism Live speaks with critically acclaimed autism author, speaker, activist and most importantly a proud mom, Monica Holloway about her son Wills who was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of 3. Wills is now a freshman in high school and is attending a new mainstream school.

Watch as they discuss the shootings at Sandy Hook, which some people believe may have had something to do with the shooter’s autism spectrum disorder, and both Wills and Monica share their thoughts and assumptions about those who are on the spectrum.

“I guess a mind can’t take in that kind of information without feeling nauseous,” Monica says. But she was at a “whole other level of shock” when she realized some people think autism and Asperger’s cause people to be violent and that the disorder may have been the cause of the shooting.

We need to give our community a better understanding of this condition so as not to create myths that come along with negative situations like this one. Monica and Wills know it is impossible for autism to cause a school shooting. Find out why in the video below.

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