This Boy with Autism Has Gotten Life-Changing Help from…a Prison Inmate?!

This touching story is proof that, though people sometimes do bad things, that doesn’t mean they are beyond the point of future redemption.

At the Colorado State Correctional Facility, prisoners have been training service dogs for the blind and deaf for the past several years. Inmate Chris Vogt did his research and decided to take it in another direction; he began training dogs to be of service to children with autism.

So far he has made a difference in several kids’ lives, including a 9-year-old boy named Zach. Vogt trained Clyde, Zach’s new service dog, and has been working with both of them on weekends so that Clyde will recognize when Zach is becoming anxious and break his mood.

Vogt says simply, “This is the thing I get to do that gives back.” And Zach’s parents say he has already made an incredible difference in their lives.

Watch the video clip to learn more!

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