This Simple But Important Animation Will Help You Tell People About Autism

Most of us know what autism is, but few of us have heard it explained quite like this before. We talk about people with autism seeing the world differently, but do we really know what that means?

Through images and metaphors, this team of animators has come up with a great way to explain why people with autism often have trouble focusing or focus too deeply on one thing. It explains why they sometimes struggle with changes to their routines and often struggle to understand facial cues, gestures, or idioms. You’ve heard all these things before, but these drawings will help you understand how all those things are connected and why it makes sense that people with autism think this way.

Thank goodness there are people in the world who are dedicated to bridging this simple gap in communication.

This fantastic video produced by The Dutch Autism Association shows an English animation that helps us recognize autism and better understand how the mind of a person with autism can work. Learn a few tips and advice about how to deal to autistic people too!

Check it out!

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