The Incredible Story of How a Boy and His Service Dog Faced and Fought Discrimination

When Nathan was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of nine, he struggled with being “different” and was having a tough time at school. He faced constant bullying and meltdowns. His parents thought that a service animal might help him.

Enter Sylvia, a yellow lab who was trained to help Nathan manage his meltdowns. As his parents thought she would, Sylvia became an enormous help. With the loyal dog at his side, Nathan didn’t even have a single meltdown when his family vacationed to Disney!

However, not everyone was as ready to accept Sylvia as Nathan and his parents were. They faced multiple challenges when they attempted to bring Sylvia to school with Nathan. Yet in the face of these difficulties, he and his family persisted and fought for Nathan’s right to have Sylvia by his side.

Told from Nathan’s point of view and using his words, this is the incredible story of a boy and his dog. The video may be a little long, but we promise—you’ll be glued to the screen the entire time.

Watch their story now.

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