6 MORE Must-Read Books About Autism for Parents… And One for Kids!

3. Finding the Gray: Understanding and Thriving in the Black and White World of Autism and Asperger’s

by Timothy Wahlberg, Ph.D.

This book is designed for both parents and professionals looking for strategies for working with autism spectrum disorders. One reviewer said, “I have read many books on Autism since then [her daughter’s autism diagnosis] but this one was the most helpful in a practical way.”

Reviewers appreciate the many relatable examples and stories that Dr. Wahlberg uses to explain the world of ADS sensory awareness.

Photo: AdobeStock/Mediteraneo
Photo: AdobeStock/Mediteraneo

4. Animals in Translation

by Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin is an animal science professor at Colorado State University, livestock industry consultant, and autism spokesperson. She’s written several acclaimed books about her work and her own experience as a person on the spectrum.

Animals in Translation talks about how people with autism can better connect with how animals think and feel. The book discusses the idea that language is not a requirement of consciousness, and talks about how both animals and those with autism can by hyper-sensitive to detail, both a strength and a struggle. Grandin draws intriguing and heartfelt parallels between the inner lives of animals and the inner lives of those with autism, and gives meaningful, respectful insight into both.

Photo: flickr/Eastern Illinois University
Photo: flickr/Eastern Illinois University

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