How Adults with ASD Are Good For Business

In April 2014, released an article offering an uplifting perspective on ASD in the workplace. According to Patty Pacelli, mother of an adult with autism and author of Six-Word Lessons for Autism Friendly Workplaces, many high-functioning adults with autism are not only capable of achieving professional success, but can bring unique skills and insights that other other employees can’t.

According to Pacelli, “Creating an environment where high-functioning autistic employees can thrive is more than demonstrating social responsibility and diversity. It also yields the business results that entrepreneurs need to not just survive, but thrive.”

In her article, Pacelli outlines four specific assets that high-functioning people with autism can bring to the workforce:

1. Intense focus.

2. Commitment, regardless of recognition.

3. Creativity.

4. Impassioned productivity.

“It’s not about giving them simple jobs because you feel sorry for them,” Pacelli insists. “It’s about hiring them because they truly meet a business need in your company and possess the right skills to excel in their job.”

Check out the full article here.

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