Flights, Food, and Forever Homes: How You’ve Helped Pets in Need in 2022

This year, more than 100,000 individual donors like you have contributed to over 650 charitable programs in which we’ve been involved. This includes plenty of programs that help feed pets, provide them care, and even find them homes. Let’s take a closer look at this year’s impact.

Throughout Clear the Shelters 2022, we were able to generate nearly $450,000 for more than 350 animal rescue organizations and shelters across the country and in U.S. territories. The effort involved The Animal Rescue Site, Greater Good Charities, NBCUniversal Local, and Hill’s Pet Nutrition, with funds providing aid to overwhelmed shelters. Since Clear the Shelters was launched, it’s found homes for more than 700,000 pets.


Another initiative that helps dogs and cats find homes is our Flights to Freedom program, in partnership with Greater Good Charities’ Good Flights. Through this program, pets are flown from overcrowded shelters to others that have more space, and which quickly find homes for the transportees. This year, more than $250,000 were generated for that purpose, helping fund 13 trips that transported nearly 1,000 pets.

Pets that still found themselves in shelters were also benefitted by just over $500,000 raised for food, formula, blankets, vaccinations, supplies, and more, while nearly $83,000 were generated for people and pets impacted by Hurricanes Ian and Fiona. Finally, 2.2 million meals have been provided for Ukrainian pets and shelter animals.


Your clicks, shopping for a cause, and contributions have had an even broader impact, too.

GreaterGood CEO Tim Kunin says of our website visitors and patrons, “Thank you. I’ve had the privilege of representing our company and them across the world in the border areas in Burma and Haiti and other areas post-conflict in Afghanistan and Pakistan, in Peru. And in Ukraine now. We’ve tried very hard to use their dollars to have the greatest impact, to be able to accomplish more and also use their purchases to create economic vitality for artisan producers in tiny little villages, and principally, from women artisans who spend the money on their kids, and their kids go to school, and so it has a huge multiplier effect. And that’s the part I’m most proud about in our organization.”


He adds that there’s a lot more to do in 2023, but he says we’ll be up the task thanks to our community of shoppers, donors, and supporters.

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