Did You Know? People with Autism Are “7 Times More Likely to Come into Contact with Police”

Children with autism have a propensity to wander — and oftentimes they head towards bodies of water. This was the case with a young boy named Blake a few years ago. His mother was frantic after he wandered away, and he was later found near a body of water. Thankfully, he hadn’t gone in. It’s important for law enforcement to be aware of this inclination in people with ASD to know where to look.

Scott Scheulke, a retired police officer, has led hundreds of training sessions for first responders on autism awareness. They are being trained on how to communicate with a person on the spectrum and what to discuss with parents and care providers. According to the Associated Press, people with ASD are seven times more likely to come into contact with police.

You can help! This type of training is essential in keeping our family members with ASD safe. Encourage all law enforcement to establish this type of training by signing our petition!

You can also help protect children with autism from wandering by donating a “Big Red Safety Box” to families who have children on the spectrum. The “Big Red Safety Box” contains home alarms for doors, shoe IDs for children to wear, visual aid stop signs for the child to understand not to open doors, silicone wristbands, as well as written materials and forms to share with family, friends, and law enforcement. Every penny of your $35 donation will go to providing one Big Red Safety Box to a family to help keep children who show this behavior safe.

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